Bucharest Independent City Walks

The next lines that you are about to read are more close to a Bucharest guide than a simply description. So we will try to point you interesting places in the main areas of Bucharest.


North of center


If you take a walk this way, you will a peaceful area that begins at Piata Victoriei. Here you can see the Victoria Palace, where the government is seated. If you cross the square and go to north on Kiseleff St., you don’t have to miss Grigore Antipa – Natural History Museum and the Museum of Romanian Peasant, two important and very interesting turistic objectives. On the right as you cross by these two museums, you will find the Geological Museum. Follow the way and you will be in a few minutes to the Arch of Triumph. From here you can enjoy Herastrau Park a magnificent place with gardens and restaurants. Before enter the park you don’t have to miss the Village Museum where you can admire traditional rural styles. At the end of the park in the north zone you will find the Romexpo exhibit center just near the World Trade Center Plaza at Pullman Hotel. Around here there are many buses that can take you back to Piata Romana.



West of center


On this walk you will enjoy Calea Victoriei - one of the most famous boulevard in Bucharest. Going south from Piata Victoriei, you will see on the right side CasaVernescu and George Enescu Museum. Also the Art Collections Museum it’s an important objective that can not be missed. Also in this area there is Piata Amzei where you will find colourfull and open-air markets. Also on the sidewalk on Calea Victoriei you will find a lot of shops representing wellknown brands. Piata Revolutiei is the next stop for the tourist. Here there is the Romanian Athenaeum concert house – where you can have a nice time visiting it, the National Art Museum with wonderful collections, the University Library, the ex Communist Party Central Committee building and right near this you can see the Kretulescu  Church built in 1725. More shops are on the left and right as you walk down to the south. You will find Odeon Theater on the left and the Military Club on the right with an open coffee bar & restaurant and three beautiful art gallery halls. Right about the corner making right after this, you will finish the walking to Cismigiu Garden, where you can take a rest and have a nice time at the boathouse for example.



East of center



This part has big traffic and it is the most busiest area of Bucharest. Going on Magheru Boulevard you will see a lot of shops with various brands. Also there are some art galleries and theaters. As you walk by you will reach Piata Universitatii  and the National Theater, right near maybe the most iconic hotel of Bucharest – Intercontinental Hotel. Behind this you will find the American Consulate and the American Library. To cross the boulevards it is the best to use the underground passage. On your right is the Bucharest History & Art Museum, housed in the neoclassical Sutu Palace, built in 1835 and across the boulevard you will see the Sf. Gheorghe cel Nou Church – which was built in 1701. As you go to south you wil see on the right side opening the old city – the perfect place filled only with bars, restaurants, clubs and shops. The perfect place to start and to finish a day. Also passing by the old city you will get to Unirea Shopping Center, a multilevels building with hundreds of shops that are waiting for you and a huge park in front.

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